Does he like me?

Alright! So I've been talking to this guy on a dating website. I started the conversation. He responded. We've been talking for about a week now. But, it takes him about 2 days to respond... I tend to overthink things... but, I've heard if a guy is really interested in you then he wants to talk to you all the time. I know we've only been talk for a week. But, am I overthinking this? Do you think he's just busy? And responds when he can?

  • He responds when he can. He's probably working or something Don't overthink.
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  • He's probably not interested.
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  • It's really good that you take the initiative to message him first and that's good but then the reason he might be responding late could be because he is not that good at communication skills, that is he is a person who takes his own time to respond even if it is days.

    I am not saying it's like that, it might be like that.


Most Helpful Girl

  • First off, high five for messaging him first. Second, I'm not really sure what this means.

    I've gone through the same thing many times, and to me it most likely means they aren't terribly interested, or they don't really care about the dating app itself enough to respond seriously.


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  • Maybe he likes you, but he is probably too shy to admit it.


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