Talk me off the ledge folks! I am considering reaching out to a former love interest... what should I do?

I was dating this guy long distance and he did the slow fade so I left him alone. No closure at all. But two years later I start thinking about him from time to time. I am visiting his country in a few months and wonder if I should reach out. Part of me says NO and yet the other side of me says YES! WWYD?

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  • maybe reach out well before you go. so if the response isn't good, it won't ruin your trip. but there's a chance he could pull some bullshit when you get there like get real "busy" so be prepared for that worse case scenario. or you guys can meet up and have a good time. if you're single and have time, why not? just stay strong overall and keep in mind that it would probably won't last anyway.


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  • The slow fade. LMAO! Sorry. Never heard it called that before. I like that! I'm going to start using that term from now on. That is usually one of two ways I end a relationship. If she's overly emotional or psycho and I know it's not going to go well or there will be lots of drama involved that's I how I do it. A slow vanishing act. A tactile withdrawal if you will. Otherwise I'm just like we gotta talk and lay it on her, which is my perferd method that I do 95% of the time, but have had to resort to the "slow fade."

    Anyway, to answer your question, why do you want to see him? A quick no strings attached hook up, or something more. I'd say to hook up, sure, why not. If you want more I'd pass.

  • Sounds like a bad idea. Long distance didn't work the first time so it probably won't work the second time since you're only visiting anyways.

    But if you are prepared for the worst and all you want is closure or a quick hookup then I don't see why not.


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