Do you think he has enough interest in me to go on second date?

I met this guy online, we've been talking for like 3 weeks but not intensively, and he was a slower texter to be honest.
and then we met on Sunday, he wants me to accompany him buying gundam toys. lol, and then have some dinner.
during our dates, he holds my hands and keeps me close around him, he did compliments me a little.
but during our dinner he mention about his ex, he was also asking about my ex and when did the last time I date.
he ride me home, and asks me to hug him and hold onto his belly when he rides me home.
at the end of the date he asks me if I want to keep meeting him I said yes when he is not busy (yes we both often works overtime and only have week end to meet). but when I asked him when and where he said he doesn't know, probably next week end and he doesn't make a plan. he said we'll see when he have time first. which I assume a bad signs?
after the date, he texted me again saying thank you for accompany him and we talk a bit because he was busy with his new toys. he then wished me good night. and no text again up to this morning.
i know it's still early, but I just don't know what to expect because he warns me he would be busy this weeks and he doesn't seems interested enough to text me. and I'm worried if I will bother his work or sounds needy to text him first.


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  • No matter how busy some one is. They will always find time do things that make them happy. Knowing is better then speculating , asking is better than waiting. Texting him first just shows you care more or you could be more invested. You need to have a talk to see if you guys are on the same page.


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