My boyfriend and I, we don't even have conversations anymore. Help?

I went from seeing my boyfriend every weekend for two months and now since school has started up seriously I haven't seen him in 4 weeks. We don't even have conversations anymore. I feel like he's upset with me but I asked and he says he's not. Our texts are usually. Hey "hey" Wyd "nothing" "fun" nope. And then he won't respond for 39 minutes and it just starts over. He told me "we don't have conversations anymore and it sucks." I feel like it's my fault even though he said it's neither of our faults. Are we about to break up or something? How can I fix this?


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  • School shouldn't really stop you from having conversations through text. Likewise, there should always be some time for a Skype session every now and then --even when you're doing homework. To me, it sounds like BOTH of you are losing any interest/love you had for the other; it is good that you notice this though, and care about the relationship. It's not your fault, in my opinion, because he isn't trying anything either. Sadly, your relationship seems to be dying: you will then begin to feel distant from him, and he will feel the same. Slowly, both will loose all the interest for the relationship --it happened to me, twice, and to a few friends.

    First, make sure your love for him is (still) genuine. Afterwards, if you really want to keep the relationship, encourage him to go out together. It's what you both need; seeing each other again. It's basically all you need to do --make the impossible and force some time to hang out with him. Even if he's not trying right now; he may just be giving up and thinking something like "Damn, she no longer loves me." So show him that, and if he feels it back he'll surely make some time for you. If you want him, seek him --just make sure when to know when to stop.

  • Don't reply with one word texts! God I hate when people do that... If he asks what you're doing don't say nothing. I'd rather hear "taking a dump" than nothing


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