Is this bad I am dating my employee?

So I am the boss at my work and one of my employees who I am really attracted to every time I work with her she and I joke around and even stay after work to talk sometimes. The other day I asked her out on a date and she said "yes definitely" which I was really happy about. This was 4 days ago since then she and I have been texting back and forth getting to know each other better. I really like her and it seems like we have a lot in common. Now all of this sounds great except for the fact that I'm her boss. Is that a bad thing to date my employee?

So yesterday morning i answered a text from her she never replied. That night I text her and said hey how's your day been. she replied later and asked me what I was up to I replied and sent another asking if she wanted to move our date sooner because we weren't going out for another 3 weeks. She never responded and that was 24 hours ago. I am okay with not dating her but will this mess up my job? We never went out just text for a few days. Also what do y'all think I did wrong? Besides the obv.


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  • I thought there had been company policies in place that strictly forbid those kinds of relationships in the workplace. Think it was something on Fraternization and Conflict of Interest or something, don't exactly remember.

  • You dont fish off the company dock as they say. It is a big mistake. It would be best if she switched companies as she os a lower level, or perhaps you find a new role, perferably at a higher level. There is a potential for all kinds of problems with this. I hope all goes well for you.