How come my female friend flirts with me even though she says we're just friends?

we've even made out in the past.we've talked sexually with text messages.i mean really dirty stuff...but she says we can't date to this day.but yet I find her being flirty with me.can I still get her to look at me as more then a friend.cause I believe somethings there but...

we've talked about being together but says were friends we can't how come she still will call me babe sometimes or text me with how are you hun? and we get kinda silly with each other,but were being a little flirty with each other .at the same time


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  • it looks like there's something there sexually, but you will never know if you don't ask her

    • But weve talked about being together and she says we can't date..i asked her if she knew a friend she could hook me up with...she say yeah..but that was 2 weeks ago and when I ask her about it she don't answer me...she asked me what kind of girl id want and I said well one with the same qaulities that made me and her friends,like personality wise...and she basically like well that's because I'm perfect...and I said oh please don't flatter ur self and we kinda got into this little flirty thing back and forth

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    • If you guys have become close in the past the feelings can come back. it happens a lot to girls, but like I said she may just be unsure of what would happen if you two came together. she may want to protect your friendship, and that can be a good thing. but if you really want to be with her you have to go for it, like without thinking. I don't know what else to tell you though.

    • No I hear you.i appreciate the advice...its just me and her have had this roller coaster thing between us throughout the years weve known each other....

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  • Maybe because it's fun.