How to approach a guy in the library quite study area? Should I make a move and talk to him?

I am a college student. I always spend my spare time on the quite floor in the library and study. There is a guy who I found very cute and handsome who always sit somewhere near me, studying too.

Although I have a sense that he might be interested in me or found me attractive, as I saw him stare at me for quite a few times, I don’t know if I am sending the wrong signal , showing I am not interested. There were several times he said hi to me, but I just nod my head, smile at him and didn’t say anything, because I am shy. Now, he still stares at me, but he doesn’t say hi or something anymore.

I understand that if no one takes a move, then nothing is going to happen. So, I am thinking about making a move and talk to him. But it is the Library quite study floor, which makes it even more awkward to talk to a stranger.

Besides, I don’t even know anything about him, except he is very good looking to me, should I make a move? Any suggestions on how to make a move? Thank you!

well , I do have my group of friends , family life and work other than studying , it is just the library is the only place i see him... so if i want to make a move, this the only option


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  • yes please do

    • so how?

    • Its as simple as going up to him and asking him what he's studying etc. just ask him question and comment on his answers and be playful. When i talk to a new love interest i think of it as making a new friend instead of trying to get in this persons pants or even kiss them. you could introduce yourself first.

  • make sure you're fully rounded. Men like well rounded girls. Girls that have lives, outside of just studying. Otherwise you come off as boring


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  • Just like "drop" something by his chair and ask him to hand it to you and then strike up a conversation and offer to like thank him with a cup of coffee or whatever when you both finish studying ;D

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