A guy who I haven't talked to in five months asked me to have lunch with him at our college. Should I assume he could want more?

If we were with our friends or we bumped into eachother He used to always offer to buy me food when I was hungry. We hung out only once and since then I haven't heard from him. I liked him a lot and it seemed like he liked me concidering he asked if I had a boyfriend around our mutual friends when we first met, and he bought a container of tea and coffee for my birthday.. I really thought he liked me. But Its been five months and... Nothing so I gave up... . untill a few days ago... (a few weeks after I make it public with a photo on fb that I'm seeing someone) he messages me on Facebook and asks me if I want to have lunch in the café at our college. It was soo random.. I said sure but asked why... And he said it was" to see how I've been doing :)".

Tbh we are not close friends at all.. More like semi-close aquaintences.. We have some of the same friends but It's not like we need to really catch up.


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  • Waiting until you've caught up at lunch before you determine his motives is a bit more realistic. =)


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