My boyfriend is ignoring me like hell.. what to do?

I am with him from 8 months.. In starting he was crazy about me.. He wanted to spend everytym with me.. But now he is ignoring me.. He always give excuses whn i ask to meet


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  • I don't think he's ignoring you, at that age, it's done with the challenge and off with the next challenge. He has secured and dominated the arena.

    If you're not the type that wants to be played like that, just break up with this fool. I am sure other boys who is more mature enough are more willing to do a better job and step up to the plate.

    Your love with this guy, at this age, is only a phase. He doesn't seem to care why would you?

    • Yeah. i also want to leave him but i can't.. Dont knw wht to do

    • You answered your own dilemma. It's not hard to tell the dude its over.

      "Hey , it's over." Hangup.

      Trust me if he loves you enough, he will do his best to win you back. Shit doesn't happen overnight though so make his ass work hard if you really want the guy to wake up or give him another chance.

      Never give him a 3rd chance if he fucks up on his 2nd chance. If he hadn't learn his lesson from the 1st and 2nd, what makes you think he'll learn from the 3rd? You give him a 3rd, you're a pushover. He can manipulate you by sheer will.

    • Honestly though, this dude is just a waste of your time. Too early into the relationship to be acting like that.

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  • Never fall in love with a man make u feel love is hard. Ignore him back. or maybe u text him too much. only text him once a week. Just enjoy other things in life keep yourself busy!!!


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  • Well, that's a sign that he is clearly starting to lose interest in you.

  • Two can play that game yeah? Maybe he lost some of them feeling for ya


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