What do you guys think?

So I've been seeing this guy he's great he takes me out he's met my family but where not dating where just friends he bought me a white rose and took me to an animal park it was great fun he's kissed me several times
Yet where still not dating
And when he took me back home I told him thank you and he replied with no thank you

He has been calling me up since then he's great
He told me some young girl asked him for his number and he's like get lost I'm like 20 I told him she could be your sister then again so could I and in reply he told me no your different, as we told each other good bye over the phone he told me thank you again, and I asked why do you tell me thank you I haven't done anything
And in response he said, I fill grateful that you want to talk to me , and hang out with me
I was lost when he said grateful
I'm I wasn't sure how to question that
Any idea guys


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  • How do you feel about him?
    Do you want to date him?
    Has he ever had a girlfriend before? If not maybe he isn't sure how to go about asking you to date him
    Maybe if you are confident enough, you could ask him if he would like to see how being in a relationship together goes

    • I've told him I like him
      And he's had a girlfriend a few of em, how do I build my confidence to ask

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    • Ok thanks tho :)

    • All good, I hope all goes well, the way you are describing how you guys are together, i am sure you will make a great couple :)