First date went really well but Im getting the feeling she's losing interest. How can I tell? And what do I do to make sure that second date happens?

So the first date went really well and she said we should do it again. She said I exceeded all her expectation. We plan on going skateing and maybe dinner again. I chose this cuz she used to figure skate and I think me falling on my face all night would make her laugh. Anyways I just get self concious leading up to all second dates and get the feeling she's losing interest. Her texts are a little shorter and less engaging. Im understanding it was the weekend and she was with friends so I tried to text as little as possible and give her room. I plan on calling to confirm a date and time for our second date. So ladies what goes through your head after a first date and what do you expect from guys via text. I prefer talking on the phone and have called her but Im not gunna like call her daily. Whats too much texting and should I be worried if her texts are getting shorter.


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  • How did it end up going? This is old post now haha

    • all my dates went well but she decided the attraction wasn't quite there. its ok tho cuz i was kind of on the same page, just wasn't entirely sure.

      the dates went pretty well though so I don't know

  • keep the momentum going. just ask her next available day and time and meet up. keep it light and thoughtful... the little thing counts. bring her a small thing of chocoate or something...



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  • I think there is just too much going on, too much to think about it and factor in. Just ask her out again and see what she says. The more you worry about it the more you put off an unconfident vibe that she may pick up on and be turned off by. Just play it cool and one step at a time.

    • I just plan on not texting her all day then calling to schedule the next date. cuz im thinking Wednesday and dont want to ask the day before. other than that im not gunna talk to her at all. she was into me when i was distant before the first date so i should just go back to that

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    • Just wanted to say, left her a voicemail regarding Wednesday. She felt bad she couldn't pick up the phone and asked if we could do Thursday instead. Looks like I secured a second date. Again i will probably text her a little of the next couple days but keep it under 10 messages depending on the conversation. I would just feel weird not saying anything at all.

      Anyways although you didn't tell me anything I didn't really already know, thanks for calming me down a bit.

    • No problem. Sometimes it is just nice to hear it from someone else what you have already been thinking. Good luck!