When should I move in into the kiss during dates?

I went on my first date with a girl that I like. As our first date went by I have noticed we have a strong connection and we can relate a lot. As we go on our date we talked a lot about our interests and she asked serious questions as well and I did my best to answer them honestly. I took her to sushi which both of us love, then as we are talking she was competitive and wanted to challenge me to go carts. So I made a bit of a wager on go cart racing if I win she hugs me, if she wins she gets to slap me. I beat her it was fun to challenge your date. Then we went to the mall to browse around stores she likes and what I like to get to know each other more and as time passed we went to a coffee establishment that opend till 11. Most of our conversations came from there. As I dropped her off we listend to some romantic music and we both were kinda shy with each other. I am more confident than her though but it's been two years since I was on a date I can understand why I was kind of shy. Anyway, as I dropped her off I opend the car door on her side and walked her to her house. As we ended the date I wanted to try something different so I took her hand and kissed it on the top of course, I wanted to end it romantic. She blushed and so did I. So she wants to go on another date and so I was wondering when is it appropriate to kiss her? I didn't want to do it on the first date because I didn't want to scare her off.


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  • You just gotta take control of the situation man, good luck!


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  • @consultantisback a new addition to your "crew" :P

    honestly, when you're feeling it, and she looks like she has the face of feeling it too, then just go for it. don't try to sum it up with math, just go by the feels man.

  • Just kiss her during or at the end of the next date