Why did he say thanks to this?

Im in a ldr relashionship. I text my boyfriend im going to leave you alone tday you seem like you don't want to be bothered 😳. He text me back 45 mins later thanks. He didn't really text me Saturday and Sunday he text me back at 10pm but made it short. I know some guys don't care to much to text but this is how he talks to me he call but he mostly text me. Am i thinking to much into this?

I text me I don't know Whats up with you. He text me back i need some space. He started out txting me everyday all day. So that's how it's been for almost 7months now. If he's tired of txting he couldve called me instead or said he doesn't want to text everyday.


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  • Doesn't seem right. There's plenty of space in between you two. Dont know why.

    • We normally text everyday. Now in the last two days he acts like he doesn't want to text

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    • Thanks. But im feeling like ending it

    • Yeah I understand that. Better is not always staying together.

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  • He needs space... in a long distance relationship? Something tells me this isn't going to end in your favor.


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  • Was he really busy and needed some time off or something?

    • He's off on the weekends.

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  • Maybe you were right and he just wanted to be alone? So he just said thanks and that's that? Haha...