Was I right to get mad at my ex?

My ex and I have been talking recently and we were went to meet up on Friday. However, the day before he texted me that he had gotten a cold and didn't want to make me sick too - so he suggested cancelling for the time being. I said okay and told him to get better.

I then didn't hear from him for the entire weekend until he texted me today (Monday), asking if I could come over. I told him I couldn't as I would be working in the evening, but I suggested meeting on Thursday.

He then replies to me "I can't that day as I have a date" I felt upset when I read that so I told him to have a good time and that I know knew why he cancelled on me on Friday. My ex then goes "how about meeting tomorrow?" and I told him no thanks.

I feel so mad at him right now. I dunno if I should even have the right to though as we're broken up. How would you feel if your ex did/or texted you something similar?


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  • HM well its kind of dumb that you are talking to your ex anyways. An ex is an ex why are you guys meeting up unless you guys are planning to get back together? He clearly said he was going to go on a date so just drop him. There is no point in talking to him anymore. If you guys aren't going to get back together then dont talk to him anymore. Also, if you guys were going on dates and flirting then yes you should be mad but if you guys were just going to meet up as friends then you shouldn't be mad. You aren't his girlfriend and to save yourself from embarrassment just stop talking to him altogether or keep it to a bare minimum. Also I wouldn't tell him you were upset about this, it would be a bit embarrassing for you if he had no plans to get back together. Xx

    • Well, the thing is I've never actually texted him first since we broke up. He started texting me out of the blue a couple of months ago and asked me to meet up. I was a bit reluctant at first and then we arranged to meet on Friday. I haven't actually chased him at all. Even today, he texted me first and asked to meet again. When I suggested another day, he then went on to say that he had a date that day. I know I shouldn't get mad but I feel like he just wanted to take advantage of me. I get what you're saying and I'm not going to respond to him anymore. I told him I wished him the best and haven't responded to his last messages today

    • Yessss!!! Dont talk to him anymore exactly. That boy sounds like he is just trying to play you since HE texted you. If he texts you anymore just ignore him. You can't waste your time on an ex. He probably misses you but not enough to start a relationship. Plus there are other fish in the sea, more interesting people. Just don't text him anymore. He will probably try to convince you to go out with him but you gotta stay strong and say that you are waiting for someone ready for a relationship and you have no intention of getting back together with him unless he feels the same way you do. It really does seem like he is just wasting your time though. Ok good luck 🍀 xx