Guys, What did he mean?

I sent him my first nude and after he commented I asked him if he knows why I sent it... He replied with 'thank u?'
So I replied no I don't want you to thank me. I did it coz I love him trust him etc and how I love how he's never pressurised me into sending him. Pics like that... He hasn't replied to that yet but has read it... he usually replies after he gets back from work... But when he said 'thank u?' did it seem. Like. He was pissed? Anyways i sent him a sweet text after but he didn't reply to it...


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  • Lol, you sent him nude pic without him asking for it. what are you, online hoe?

    • Read the question... he's my boyfriend... He asked me for it

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    • I am sure him not replying is on a completely unrelated note. Don't worry.

    • No i thought maybe he's mad at me now for some reason.. Tho it won't be coz of the pic coz he liked that but nothing else happened in between... Its just he usually likes and replies to when i say something sweet to him..

  • You may have weirded him out...

    • No he liked the pic

    • I mean... you may have been far too forward with him and now his perception of you has changed.

    • We've been together for 2 years he liked it and we even had phone sex after... The next day we texted again and thats when he said 'thank u?' he knows I've never sent a pic like that to anyone and he's the only guy to see me naked... And even on tje phone vefoe that he said he loves me very much so i dont thibk his perception changed

  • I bet you freaked him out, or he doesn't find you attractive.

    • No he replied to the nude... This was after

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    • Lmaoo thats annoying 😑😂 it was a sweet text thanking him for being so hood to me and never forcing anything upon me..

    • Good *

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