He started it as she claims?

Long story short i met this girl through work , didn't like her much but thought she was attractive so i asked her out , we went out 3-4 times then she started getting distant after a couple month ( had some things keeping me busy but never lost interest in her and she knows that ) but then found out she started dating a new guy who is the literal diffention of asshole , i was growing to like her so it made me upset , and after a while of them dating we had a talk and she complained about him being abusive , i was like " Well why did you get with him then? wasn't i enough for you?" she was like " no, not its like that i like and its all great but... he kinda started it , he hitted on me and hinted and i just went along " ... now i kid you not she told me to my face that he started the whole thing and she just went along with his plans and ideas, now... iam not dumb at all in fact i am quite smart so i had a hard time believe that and i thought i should share it with my friends on here to know what they think? and how does a situation like that even happen?


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  • Lol this girl ain't even frontin. She went along with it? She means she likes the guy even if he is abusive and likes to be treated like shit. Some girls like that instead of being with a gentlemen. Lord knows why.

    • she turned out to be just as you described , surprise surprise , it takes two to tango

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