How do I end the romantic part in tue best way possible?

So I'm a transexual girl, I've been on two dates with this guy and after these two dates it's clear to me that he will never be able to accept me for who I am.

Things have been going really well though, he's really into me, so how do I end things between us? What would be the best way to do it without me having to tell him that I'm transexual?


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  • Maybe telling him your not okay with his point of view on those type of things and that is an important quality to you. You just don't see anything coming from yall's relationship.
    (Also the guys who commented so far are kind of assholes) I think you're fine testing the waters with the guy before you tell him.

    • Thanks.. I thought it was just me. Most guys are assholes about it though. They just don't understand it and aren't willingbto try and understand it either.

      Anyway, thanks, that was quite helpful. And yes, that's how I do it, I don't see why I have to tell the guy something so personal if I don't even know if anything will come out of it the dating, that's why I first find out what they think about it and if it's bad I try to end it but that's the difficult part for me

    • Nope. They're just being assholes. Thats their problem if they aren't willing to accept it.
      Exactly. I'm glad I could help even a little bit. I think your process is perfect, you definitely shouldn't have to share such personal information on the first date.
      I hope all goes well. And I know you'll finda guy. (: good luck

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  • Your going to be wasting a lot of effort and time if this is going to be your approach into getting guys. I would tell him the truth or you can lie either way you come selfish and he'll probably think your an ass.

  • See, you should've been upfront about it. Just tell him you have a cock and be done with it. Why be ashamed?

    • Thanks... that's not what I asked for

  • You mean he doesn't know your are a guy? LOL better tell him now


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