I approached a guy who I did not know was engaged and now I feel kind of embarrassed. Should I stop approaching guys?

He was by himself and I talked to him about an event that was coming up at a theatre we were both at

I been approaching guys since 3 years ago. I decided to approach them because I realized that the guys who approach me are not my type or they would be creepy and give me their number on a piece of paper and never talk to me and just walk away


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  • It's been a problem for men for many years and women are ten times more condescending. I was talking to a woman at a bar once and she asked if I was blind because I did not notice her engagement ring. I don't feel sorry for women when I hear that they are encountering similar difficulties. It's just something you've got to deal with (people being obnoxious when you approach them and they did not want you to).

    • He was not obnoxious

    • So not a problem then. It's just something that men and women have to deal with, and men more so than women because they're the ones doing the approaching.

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  • no. that makes ini sense. he was engaged. so you accept hat and move on. how could you have known? people accidently approach people in relationships. its no big deal:)

    • Yea but approaching guys doesn't seem to work for me. I met my ex by approaching him and we became friends first before dating

    • becoming friends first dopes not mean it did not work. he's your ex so you were together which means it worked

      also not seeming to work is unlikely. you have asked out how many guys?

      people who do the approaching can ask out hundreds and get maybe 3 pout of that. thats considered working. success means it worked. working doesn't mean success overtime or most of the time.

      getting rejected is just part part of getting accepted. you go through rejections to get to the ones that work.

      i also prefer to approach but then be friends first... but its different for everyone:)

    • I prefer to be friends first too. I don't approach a lot of guys

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  • No don't stop... you're going to misfire sometimes but that's ok. When you do, apologize and move on.

    • I did not apologize. I did not feel I had to

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    • I was too embarrassed to do that
      My immediate reaction was to leave immediately so I did

    • And I'm sure he was smiling as you left.

  • You should look for signals of romantic interest before you approach someone with that intent. Otherwise you are just rolling the dice. Answer mine

    • Answer mine?

    • I have a question up that I need more answers to. If you want to take a look at it I think you just search my profile!

  • There's no reason to be embarrassed.

    Everyone when approaching gets mainly rejected. It's how life works.


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