Guys, How long would a player stay?

Hi guys, super important question!
Would a player wait around for sb for 8 weeks if he didn't get sex (what he's obviously looking for) as fast as he wants?
And when he meets this person again and says "I'll agree to a meeting when you come to my house", should i be very worried? What should i do in this case?


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  • If he's a player, he's fucking a bunch of women.

    So he'll have you on the prospects lists for months. He's already got an A team, you're in the development league.

    Ironically it's non-players who won't wait around forever, because they're actually looking for monogamy.

    • Ok didn't know this about the non-players. Thank you! Anyway this guy told me "I'll agree with a meeting if its at my flat"... and since i already know that he lied to me all the time i just wanna tell that straight to his face cuz until now i pretended to be clueless because he badly insulted other girls on whatsapp and blocked them after they got suspicious about the guy