Who buys the first plane ticket in a long distance relationship?

My boyfriend and I just started dating a couple weeks ago. We met when he was visiting family. He lives about a $400 plane ticket away. We made plans for me to visit him for a couple days (worked better with my schedule for me to go to him). However, I am wondering if there is a customary "he buys the first plane ticket." Let me add... 1. when we started dating he said he would fly me out to see him and he would come visit. 2. money isn't a complete problem, I could budget myself to buy the plane ticket to see him but I slightly feel like because he offered at the beginning he should follow through with the first ticket. 3. He keeps putting it off saying "we will buy the ticket tomorrow" then the next day "oh lets buy it tomorrow" and so on. (maybe he doesn't want to admit he doesn't have the money?) Should the plane ticket be split? Should I just suck it up and buy the ticket? Or should he stick to his word about buying the first ticket?


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  • If he's coming to see you he buys it, if you're going to see him you buy it. Fair and simple. But since he keeps putting it off that's kinda red flaggy so don't buy a ticket unless you talk about why he keeps putting it off

    • Now what if I am the one who always has to go to him because of our jobs? Should I be paying for the ticket every single time if I am the one going there?

  • Whoever has the money.