Might have given the wrong number to a girl I REALLY REALLY LIKE! I hope it's not too late?

Ok so there's this girl at my local H&M. As soon as I seen her I knew I absolutely had to talk to her , her gorgeous smile and her eyes just absolutely made me melt for quite a few minutes. So anyway lol my friend I was with said that she was diggin' me too so from then I went back to the store the following weekend and to my surprise she was working! And as soon as I went into the fitting room she asked me a question and we Locked eye contact and smiled at each other for quite a while!(best 10 seconds of my life by far) Now I know for sure she likes me back so AGAIN I went back in two weeks and this time was was going to ask her out for a coffee date. So as soon as she ended her shift I walked up to her nervously without collecting my thoughts ): I said "hello sorry to bother you, my name is Alex and I was wondering if I could give you my phone number so we could go get coffee sometime? She replied "yes!" With the most beautiful smile and also I asked her if she didn't have a boyfriend of course she quickly said "no no " and smiled so I then handed her my phone number I wrote down! Now for the bad part! She hasn't texted me and it's been like 2 days not including the day I gave it to her. Now I honestly don't know if I gave her the right phone number or if she is doing the "3 day rule" thing. PLEASE HELP! I HOPE ITS NOT TOO LATE ),: ?


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  • If she seemed genuinely happy about it and immediately said "yes" I doubt she didn't want it. Wait another day or so, she may be busy if she does have the correct number.

    If no response by then, go in and talk to her. It's possible a number got smudged or incorrectly written down. If you wait too long and you really did give her the wrong number, it could look bad.


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  • This is why you always get the girls number

    • I was thinking about that too man it's just happened all happened so quick I don't really get to collet my thoughts! I literally was asking for advice from left to right and my friends girlfriend came up with this "brilliant" idea that I should "write it down spray my cologne on the back beforehand and hand her my number so she won't feel pressured" Plus it was a Saturday which means the mall was packed! Keep in mind this I the very first girl I have ever had the guts to talk too! ):

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  • I think that you sould always ask the girl for her number and even if you want her to have yours, just make a miss call so you are safe. She is probably busy or has the wrong number. You should go back and take her a coffee.


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