Am I friendzoned or she wants me to make a move?

So there is a girl in my college and I knew her from 1 year I used to like this girl but I never told her but I felt that she don't like me so I lost interest in her. This year I met another girl at college and I feel that I like her , but till now we are still friends , nothing serious between us. So I began to feel that the 1st girl started to talk to me more and care more about me and wants to talk with me more. She also asks me about the other girl and if there is something between me and her , always asking me did you buy her a birthday present and what did you buy and how was her reaction etc... But today she started to talk about another guy that she feels that she like him and how cute he is... So did she finally lose interest in me or just wants me to be jealous and make a move?


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  • One can only assume. You don't need a sign or approval to ask her out. Ask her out.