Can a hookup turn into something more?

This guy and I (21) have met, Netflix and chill as normal, and we had sex. (This is the first time I've ever done that if I may add.. So I don't know the rules to this or anything).. But a couple nights later we both wanted to again & did. Because of conflicting schedules, I haven't seen him for 2 weeks but we have kept in contact through snapchat and some texting (mostly trying to schedule something then failing to). He lives with a bunch of dudes so it's also hard for me to come over whenever. I have no idea what he views us as. He doesn't hook up like hardly ever. I know he isn't having sex with anyone else. A few nights ago when we tried to plan something and failed he said "damn I want to see you so badly I hate having to postpone this.."

We live like 40 minutes away too. I don't want to ask him and appear clingy or take things too serious. I'm trying to play it cool but I want to know what page he's on and if he views this as having any possibility... Could it?


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  • Honestly, i dont think he takes you seriously. If he did, hed take you out to go do stuff. Since he just wants to stay home and watch netflix and have sex its pretty clear thats all he wants

    • We've only done it twice, and he offered dinner last time