What should I do about texting this girl?

Ok starting off I am a senior in high school and a lot of girls in my school think I'm very attractive. This girl is a sophomore who I know thinks I'm hot because she's literally said it to my face but I never thought about texting her because I liked
someone else. I got over that girl and now I started talking to this girl who said I was hot. We texted constantly for three days straight and I started to actually like her. She was in and out of a relationship with this one kid and I know they were somewhat close to dating again before I started talking to her. Well when we talked it seemed like she was only interested in me, I even asked her out and she said she'd have to see what's going on but if she's not busy she would love to. Then after that day I didn't text her because she never responded back from my last message even though she didn't read it. I texted her today and we talked for a little bit but again she read my message and stopped responding. I haven't had good luck with girls even though my school thinks I'm so good looking and I could have any girl in the school. I don't know what to do or say to her next... I don't know if she is hanging out with this kid and not answering me because of that or If she lost interest for some reason. Please help prom is coming up and I'd like to ask this girl and maybe become a thing, and I don't want to lose her because like I said I haven't had good luck and I would be heartbroken.


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  • Just ask her if she wants to do something

    • I did the other day and she said that be cool, but if she ignores me then I don't want to seem pushy?

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    • Don't hate your life! There are plenty more opportunities in this world besides her... and girls. Are you sure they are just not just everyday talk and you just feel this way? Or is she just not talking to you at all.. ignoring you when you talk to her? Are you guys not going to prom anymore?

    • Well I said do you want to hang out two days ago she says yes! So I said ok what about prom still you up for that and she said yesss! And I said and you promise you're not using me or not liking me and she says no so I text her saying you know good I just want to make you happy and I don't want to be disappointed and she then didn't answer me back, she is texting during school I can see her doing it, not texting me just ignoring me, I'm not going to keep chasing her. Then my friend tells me she's texting more then 1 guy, and she obviously doesn't care that much about me if she can't even say hi to me anymore, like what went wrong!!! So I've been in a bad mood in school and she sees that but she just goes straight to her phone... The one kid I don't see them dating at all and I don't know about the other kid I've never seen him. I guess we aren't going to prom anymore if she won't even talk to me... Why does this always happen to me

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