If your partner wants a step back, all isn't lost. What do you think?

Hey guys and girls,

I figured I'd share an experience, in case you're going through the same thing.

If your girlfriend or boyfriend want to take a step back from the relationship, in order to fix yourself or because of school stress, work, etc, it doesn't mean it's over!

I've done research and asked around, and most people have agreed taking a step back or a break is good for a relationship, rather than just breaking up.

If you've been with someone for a while, you want to see change and then when that change doesn't happen, then you just move on. Simple.

Mine asked to take a step back Wednesday due to her being full time at vet school and me working on being consistent with being honest (i try to make myself look good and not be at any faults, I know it's bad). On Friday she messaged me before bed saying she already missed me, good sign.

It definitely helps when you get older, I'm 26 and she's 28. I agreed to it and I've been working on myself.

So because someone wants a break or step back, it doesn't mean it's done. It will be done if you don't change. If you care about the person and love them, you'll do all you can to be a better person.

Stay positive.


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  • I think it's good however it's not guarantee it will go back to how it was as close as you two were before. It definitely is a good sign if she is texting you, and it's good that you take it in a positive light, but don't over do it right also stay realistic. It doesn't mean it's done, but also it's not guaranteed it'll continue how it was

    • For me, at least, I don't expect it to go how it was. I'm realistic when it comes to things like this. I've learned with previous relationships what to do and avoid now. I do trust the girl and she's never led me to believe otherwise.

      I'd have to really screw up for it to be done, such as sex with randoms, etc right now.

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