Advice on moving on?

I should have realized it would end this way sooner rather than later, considering he stood me up twice in one weekend a few months ago, but the guy I was seeing for nine months is now ghosting me. I haven't gotten a text or call from him in over two weeks. We're friends on Facebook and I recently had issues with my phone and lost all of my contacts and photos. I made a post on FB so that my family/friends could send me their numbers. No word from him. And considering he's been liking various relationship statuses, as shown on my feed, he's probably seen my post (he was always so quick to like a photo of mine). But I guess I can't say for sure that he has seen it.

I'm assuming he's using this as an out to ghost me. The worst part isn't that it didn't work out. I'm a grown woman and can take it when someone says they aren't interested. But the fact that I wasn't even worth a goodbye really stings, especially after building up my hopes over nine months. Especially since the last time we were together things went really well (he was laughing, smiling, picked me up and twirled me, etc).

Unfortunately, ghosting is something people do a lot anymore, regardless of gender. So how do you ladies/gents deal with it? Because these were the strongest feelings I've felt for a guy, which is probably why I was so forgiving of his bullshit. And moving on is a lot easier said than done, and I'm really struggling. I feel that messaging him on Facebook, even just to offically end things and not chew him out, would seem desperate.

Bonus question: If you've ghosted someone before, why?


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  • If you want to move on remove him from your friends list. Try to be happy and make yourself happy. Don't dwell on him or think about him because it will tempt you to message him on fb and chew him out. True this was his cop out way to get out and end things.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion.

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  • Sometimes, you just figure out the best thing to do is to walk away because things are not working out or maybe things are making you feel vulnerable. You don't want to deal with the drama of a break up. Thus, ghosting is just the easiest thing to do.


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