Why does he message me and gives me short answers?

So I have loked this guy for a long time. We occasionally have hanged out at a party he would sit with me briefly or with mutual friends out for dinner but it was once. He added me on IG. and sometimes I will post something and he omments or Snapchats me. But when I message him back. He will send short answers or so. Uggghhhh it just drives me insane. If he doesn't want to talk much why message me then? Also I will sometimes snapchat him. But its always short. But I dont want to message him a lot. Because when we first met he told me about this girl that was so clingy he was bother cuz he wasn't intrested in her. So I dont want to do the same what if he is just friendly. Even if he wasn't intrested in me I wouldn't want to loose him as a friend.

*liked this guy.(thats whay I meant at the beginning)


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  • Try asking questions that are a lot harder to answer with few words. Some examples could be:

    If you had to re-live 1 day every day for the rest of your life, what day would you choose?

    What lesson did your parents teach you that resonates the most with you today?

    When do you feel your childhood ended?

    What do you want people you meet for the first time to think about you?

    Or whatever you can think of that'll make him have to put some effort into the question. I know these could be really deep Questions but remember, people don't feel close to someone or like they know someone based on what they know about that person but based on what they feel the other knows about him. So the deeper yout can go and the more effort you exude while making it _look_ as effortless as possible on your end, the closer he will feel to you and easier it is for him to fall for you, that's just how it happens.

  • Yes, that is indeed a bit strange but may be as a person he is one who likes to give short replies and doesn't talk much, but yes you have a point. I can understand

    • its like maybe he just wants to message someone. He might not mean anything to him. But since I like him he doesn't know what he makes me feel. Its just like false hope

    • Yes, I can understand your feeling. Have you tried talking to him about this, have you tried asking him this? communication is very important, if not I suggest you should make an attempt to ask him at least once you should try, in that way you will know the truth.

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  • It doesn't sound like he is interested unfortunately. Guys are fairly straight forward. If they like you, theyll chase you.. if they dont, well.. they won't. He may be confusing you by messaging you because he is bored and feels the need to reach out to multiple females for attention. Boys egos are always hungry. I hate that this sounded harsh but that is what this website is for, opinions!

    • yeah I agree its just confusing.