How long do you usually know someone before they become your partner?

  • Less than one month
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  • 1-3 months
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  • 4-8 months
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  • 9-12 months
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  • 1 year
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  • 2-plus years
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  • Never. I'm single forever
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Most Helpful Girl

  • A long time. I've always been quite cautious before I let myself become emotionally invested in anyone...
    I knew my ex for a few years, like at least 4, before we started dating. We were best friends for at least 2.

    My current boyfriend I technically 'knew' for 6 years or so? Not very well but we did chat a bit towards the end of high school. I then hung out with him on a daily basis for several months before getting into a relationship.


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  • 1-3 months I guess.

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