Tips for dating multiple women at the same time?


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  • That is screwed up! My tip is to not do that, it's extremely shallow and if you ever want a serious relationship you won't find one with an attitude like that. I think your opinion and your question is exactly what is wrong with the world today when it comes down to dating. If the girls knew you were dating multiple girls, and are okay with that, I guess it's a different story even though I think that's still very wrong. If you're doing this behind the back of girls who trust you and want to be your steady, only girlfriend, then that's beyond fucked up. Good luck being an insensitive turd.

    • I think he meant going on dates with different women like kind of like blind dating I don't think he means what we both think he means

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  • Don't use facebook and put a password on your phone. Use hotels for the girls you have farther down in your priority stream. Believe it or not you might see increased attention from women. If you are secretive women think you are mysterious. Happened to me when I dated multiple women at once.

    • You are a genius my man!

    • Snoop said this in 94, we don't love these hoes.

    • The stupidity of women never ceases to amaze men. The worse you treat them, the more they want you. Women are literally attracted to men who are machiavellian, narcissistic, and psychopathic. It's called the dark triad. Look it up. Basically, the more manipulative, selfish, and the more you disregard the rights of others and bully people, the more women will be into you. You will be the coveted "bad boy." There is another saying. Treat them like shit, and they will stick to you like glue.

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  • Use generic names like Hun or babe