Why would a guy post photos of himself on Instagram?

He doesn't usually post his own photo. Last week he posted 2. What do you think he's trying to do?

  • Seeking female attention. Looking for some actions
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  • He thinks he looks good. Boarder line narcissism
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  • To get over the break up as he is very attached to his ex. He is dating her agai
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  • Just because he hasn't been posting his own photo and he wants to post some now
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Most Helpful Guy

  • He's plucked up the confidence to put some photos up?

    I thought that's what instagram was for anyway?

    • I was on twitter for a while before I decided to put any photos of me up. Just didn't have any good ones and was new to the site at first.

      Certainly wouldn't read anything into this. Instagram is for pictures!

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    • Thanks for mh ;)

    • You're welcome. Your Union was honest. I looked agin he wasn't seeking attention as he didn't use any hashtags

Most Helpful Girl

  • I believe that he May be just feeling Good about himself, be feeling Good about his own life with no strife, and with him showing and glowing over his "EX" still, I don't see a cheat Sheet nor a defeat.
    He may just want to do this Pix to show off how good he feels he may look. Unless there is More in Store with More proof in the Jello Pudding, let it go with Joe for now. Things still seem Firm and not Sloppy.
    Good luck. xx

    • I think you're right. The photo he posted are not even new. One is from 2 years ago paid photoshops and one is selfie from 6 months ago.

      Last night he told me "one sec. Let me go like it" I didn't ask him like anything but since he asked so i waited and checked. He didn't like anything that's why I checked hisbinstagram and saw he posted them last week

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    • Thank you for your kind word girl, your words of wisdom helps a lot. Your title of guru is well deserved :)

      I used to be into details and in the past I probably would just remind him of what he volunteered for. Now I'm like if it doesn't affect us why bother. besides somtimes he goes on liking spree of 50+ pics without any warning haha

    • Thank you, sweetie, for your kind words and keep up the great work. xxoo

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What Guys Said 3

  • He is hoping to get some

  • Validation. Social media is used for valdiation.

    • Meaning he is lacking confidence and seeking validation from others

  • Lmaoo I mean I post two or more shirtless pics on ig when I am looking for more likes and followers

    • He is not trying to get followers to remote his business or anything.

      You post topless pic probably dos you're a body builder / personal trainer?

    • No I am not? I just do it so I get em more lol and I mean he could be doing because of that too

What Girls Said 4

  • ... Use intagram for its intended purpose.

  • Girl you need to get a hobby. Over here scratching your head over something utterly ridiculous. Do something productive and good for yourself instead of trying to decipher a guys Instagram.

    Girls stress over a guys Instagram. Women do not. Women have other shit to do than just sit around and guess what's going on in a dudes mind

    • Sweetie I do have a lot going on in my life. Try getting off your fucking high horse and learn to talk without being judgmental

  • Meh, you've got to be kidding me, right?

    Why wouldn't he?

    Sounds like you are paranoid.



    • Only 2 likes for 2 photos over 6 days. I ain't worried. I'm just curious about the motive

  • Who is the guy? An ex? A work colleague? Your neighbour?