How should I cut her off?

How should I cut this girl off that I'm in love with? I've literally reached the point where I can't deal with it no more. Any advice on how to do it? I've never really had to cut anyone off until now.

Okay I fell in love with her, and I don't know exactly what triggered me to fall in love, I just did, it was crazy. Anyways, I told her my feelings for her and responded by saying "aww, that's sweet." Not really what I expected, I don't know why. Then I asked her that if she would give me a chance, for us two, and she said "maybe, she can't see us two together, doesn't want to give me false hopes." She don't even bother to talk or to see what's up, I'm always the one to pull the first move.
I'm always checking up on her, seeing if she's doing good. I care for her greatly. I guess because she don't treat me the same way as I do for her, I give up. I keep getting that feeling that I need to cut her off.


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  • Why do you have to cut her off? Is it because you love her and she does not? If that is the case, just be upfront with her, and tell her that cutting her off is the only way you can get over her. if she is sensible, she'll understand and won't protest.

    • I updated the question to see if it helps.

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  • Before you cut off someone you love, could you explain the situation a little bit more? Why do you feel that you need to cut her off?

    • I updated the question, hope it helps.

    • From your description, you're in love with her, but she's not in love with you. So just tell her that you have given up, and move on.

  • ? why would you cut someone off that you care about? What's the story

    • I updated the question.

    • Oh yeah, I think you should start looking for someone else

    • you can treat her as a friend, I don't think you don't check on them all on a daily basis :p

  • Sit her down. Tell her exactly why you're doing it, then do it. And show no weakness sharks can smell fear.