Boyfriend and I had a fight the same day I bought him a gift ( iphone) after the fight he hands it back, that got me upset, am I overreacting?

we have been a little tense lately, i tried to lighten the mood and bought him a phone, then we get into a convo that leads into a fight, i said mean things, so then he hands the gift i gave him back, here i dont want it, in case u want to throw it in my face, so that hurt me A LOT. and we started going bacl and forth AGAIN, and i said fine ill return it, and he " to get me upset as he says" started throwing things in my face as well, rent, bills, i dont pay much , bla bla he paid for the bed covers, etc trying to be PETTY. so it bothered me a lot, am i overreacting? for being mad and telling him to leave the house?


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  • I'm not even sure what you guys are really arguing about here to be honest, I think you need to figure it out. If you two live together, and he pays most of the bills and thats what was decided on- I don't get why there's any throwing in the face as that was the agreement and he knew he'd be taking on that role. As for you, I feel that you two were arguing about something more than what was to began with- figure it out?

  • Both of you are incredibly petty because your entire argument was just endless point scoring riddled with passive aggressive renarks.

    I highly doubt the reason for this fight was even valid.

    • haha tell me about it. smh

  • Uh, yeah. It sounds like you both overreacted and behaved childishly.