Guys, Do guys sleep with multiple women they are dating at the same time?

As my question states how common is it for guys to sleep with multiple women at the same time. I'm not talking 3 in a bed. I mean date and sleep with one woman on a Monday and the second on mid-week etc?
Im just wondering if most guys would be up for it or whether their conscience/feelings/situation etc would stop them in their tracks?
Thank you


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  • I do. I am honest and open to all of them, and they are encouraged to date and sleep with others as well, so I don't have a bad conscience or feel guilty about it.

    • I think it's fair enough if you are open and honest, so I'm guessing you say this upfront and not so far down the line after sleeping with them a few times?

    • Prior to dating, yes.

  • If none of the women have discussed being exclusive then what's the problem?