Wants to kiss me on the lips?

I'm in 7th And she's in 8th. She hasn't had a boyfriend before and she hasn't kissed anyone outside her family.

Since we got back from winter break which was a week ago she has kissed me on the cheek every day since then multiple times per day when we see each other during passing periods.

Each time she kissed me it has gotten closer to my lips. Today she kissed me on the cheek but also the very corner of my lips.

Is she doing this purposely or subconsciously?

What should I do?


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  • Why not kiss the girl? Is she cute?

    • I'm her boyfriend and she's my girlfriend and I've also kissed her on the cheek. She's cute. Just noticed though that she has been getting closer to my lips each time she kissed me. We have been dating for 2 months

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    • Just kissed her on the lips today when she went in to kiss my cheek. When I did that she said "Oh my god" but in a good happy excited way

    • That's the best thing I've fucking heard on here! Lol nice. Her reaction was perfect.

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  • I think she's preparing herself for a lip kiss. Next time, just kiss her on the lips.

    • So should I turn my face towards her so that when she goes in she kissed my lips?

    • Yup. So your lips make contact.

    • She usually kisses my right cheek so should I tilt my head to my left a little bit?

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  • Be a man and next time she tries that, you kiss her on the lips.

    I'd bet you $20 that's what she has been trying to get you to do.