Would you date someone who is "bad on paper"?

For example...

Someone who cheated on an ex partner once ages ago but has never done so again since?

Or someone who has emotional trauma wounds that are currently being dealt with?

But can be the sweetest, kindest person in the world who simply gets and loves you like no one else. You see their heart, and it's gold.

So maybe they're not the CEO of some Fortune 500 or have a slightly colorful past, but it comes down to the connection.


PS- for what it's worth, the cheating was literally one time and one time only when the relationship was already on its way out. Either way, he felt awful and fessed up to it immediately. And has said he could never do that to anyone ever again. It was over a decade ago.


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  • yess i would


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  • It depends , I'd NEVER date anyone who had cheated on an ex. That's shows their potential.

    I value loyalty so that's the main quality I look for in someone. Cheating means they have no control over their desires and emotions when they are faced with their weakness. They lack self- control. So I'd never trust them.

    If they'd suffered an emotionally trauma, then that wouldn't be an issue. I'd appreciate them for confiding in me about it, and admire them for disclosing personal information with me. It would make me become closer to him... knowing he trusted me 😊

  • I would never knowingly enter into a relationship with someone who has cheated. If I found out later, I would be angry but it wouldn't be a deal breaker. I'd definitely be more wary and watchful of the signs of cheating.

    The other stuff I wouldn't mind. But cheating is one of those things that I strongly believe that if you're capable of doing it once, you are more than capable of doing it again, and I wouldn't be able to fully trust someone who did that.

    Overall the connection is the most important. And if I found out that my partner had cheated on someone in the past, I would be upset that he didn't tell me sooner, but if as long as he didn't change and he was still the kindest person who understand me and loves me like no one else ever could, with a heart of gold, then I would work through the issue that I have with cheaters and rebuild whatever trust I had lost.

    But, like I said, I would never knowingly enter into a relationship with a cheater. Just not for me.