Is it ok for me to ever date a friend's ex girlfriend? Even if I haven't seen that friend in years?

There is this girl that I met a couple years ago, we talked for a bit, I had a crush on her but my friend ended up going out with her. They went out for a couple years and moved to a new city. I recently moved close to where they are. I hadn't seen either of them in years, but I had kept sort of in contact with both, the girl more than the guy. Well when she found out I was living near by she asked me to come visit, but it never happened. She has gotten me a couple freelance jobs and recently tried to get me another (because I did freelance work for her at one point and she's been recommending me around).

Well, she sent me a message recently about this new gig, but she told me that her and her boyfriend had broken up a couple months ago. We got to talking and she invited me to hang out and explore the city. Now this could very easily be an innocent thing and she just wants to hang out and there is absolutely no guarantee that this will go past anything but friendship. But would it be ok if we did end up going out? I haven't seen my friend in about 4 years and haven't talked in about 2, so it's not like we are that close anymore. But I just don't know if this is a shitty thing to do?


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  • it's totally fine