Would I be considered crazy? Or is this cute?

I really like this guy and I know he love me too but we are not ready for each other. I created this memory box for myself to express feelings that I have for him and just put little gifts in there and will keep it til we date or married. And once we do date for a few years or when we get married I want to give it too him as a gift. Is it considered crazy? I was told it is due to that we are not in a relationship and I was over thinking my idea. Is it creepy?


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  • Nah it's cute hahahaha

    • Are you sure? I don't want to come off creepy! I just want to be really sweet

    • For me it's cute I don't see anything to be creepy about, but does he do anything sweet to you too?

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  • No. Its a cool idea.


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