He pushed things forward then pulled back. Why?

I dated this guy for a little bit, and was making sure i didn't push things on him cause i feared scaring him off. It actually turned out that he was the one pushing things forward a little quicker than i expected. One night he asked me to stay the weekend at his place, and i was so excited! Immediately after that he started flaking on me and and becoming very distant. I never even got to stay the weekend. I think he scared himself but now im the one hurting. I don't understand


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  • One can only imagine.

    To me, though , there's a reasonable possibility that he was simply testing you. In asking you to sleep over at his shortly after meeting you, he did so to evaluate your willingness to do so, which, perhaps, changed his perception of you. Do to that, he became aloof.

    • would you consider 3 months in to soon?

    • would you consider 3 months to soon?

    • In that case, no, I would not.

      Did initiate things notably quicker than what is generally considered as a normal pace of getting to know someone?

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