I cried at school today. Was it cause my boyfriend hurt my feelings?

To make the very very long story short. We haven't seen each other in 3 days so last night he said he missed me so much and he couldn't wait to see me today at school. It's not everyday that he tells me something like that, so when I heard it I was really happy. Today at school we didn't see each other. He was supposed to come see me before second period, but he didn't. I was okay with it I thought he was busy. I saw him during second period when he came out to use the bathroom (I have no class during second period ). He was in a hurry to use the restroom and go back to class so I let him go and we didn't say nothing to each other. Later during the day I saw him 2 times and during those two times he had plenty of time to talk to me and instead of coming and talking to me he just came up to me for one minute and went to talk to his friends. What really got to me was during 4th period I was sitting on a table with my friends and we were just doing homework and he came out of nowhere and I was happy to see him I thought I could finally get a kiss/hug from him. He walked up to my table where I was sitting with my friends sat down next to me got his phone out talk to me for like a minute again then he walked away to another table where a group of girls and a couple of guys were sitting (they were his friends). He sat down with them for about 10 minutes I counted the time. Then he got up and left just like that no bye, no nothing to me he just went back to class. So finally the end of the day came and I told all my friends that I was going to wait for my boyfriend, my best friend waited with me. my boyfriend came out with a sweater and his backpack ready to go home but my best friend grabed his arm and said hey bro she was waiting for you. My boyfriend said yeah yeah I know I'm going to put my sweater on and he went to a different able to do that. So picture that we're in the same cafeteria with tables all around and I'm standing at an empty table waiting for him and


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  • Yes, I think so