Would a guy chase a girl for 6 months if he just wanted sex?

This guy likes me and has liked me for about six months and nothing happened yet, is he after sex or a relationship?

bump~~~~~~~~~~ can someone help me, please? I need to know if he just wants sex from or what?


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  • I don't think it's like a guy would be in a consistent relationship with you for six months if he only wanted sex

    And by consistent I mean, no games. Like you've gotta be sure he adores you and you're the only girl to him. If you've ever had to wonder or feel insecure about him that's a sign he may not be the one
    Also watch his character. How does he treat people behind their backs? Who is he to people who can't do anything to benefit him? Is he a good kind person?

    • We're not dating yet, more like crushing for six months. Do you think he would wait this long to go out with me if it's just about sex or does he really like me?

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    • Oh ok. Well why not date him then?

    • I'm shy... he's shy... and i'm not sure if he's only looking for sex or a relationship, I need to be sure of that first.

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  • The only way to find out is if you test him. Play a little mind game on him

    • I did once disappear for a week (though it wasn't really on purpose) and he started to panic a bit