How does a guy show his girlfriend that he appreciates her?

Geek, gamer, nerd, non-charismatic.
He's all of the above and not exactly a passionate person. Occasionally grabs my arse and gives me a kiss but that's it.

I don't know if he likes me as a friend for playing his games with him or likes me as a girlfriend.

How do guys show they appreciate their gfs?


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  • According to Dr. Gary D. Chapman there are 5 main love languages:

    - Words of Affirmation
    - Acts of Service
    - Gifts
    - Quality Time
    - Physical Touch

    There is a little quiz you can take at:
    5lovelanguages. com/

    It is important to note that everyone values these things differently. While he may think he's showing you as much love as he can, if it isn't the way you perceive love it might not register right and vice versa.

    From what you said if he likes playing games with you, that could be considered spending "quality time" or recreational activities and that's how he could feel he shows his appreciation for you.

    Either way, whatever it is, it's better that you figure out what your love language is, and his, so that y'all can show each other how much you appreciate each other in the way that is best suited for them.


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  • I tell my girlfriend I love her, think she's awesome, think she's sexy, think she's the prettiest girl in Brooklyn (Catbug reference) and make sure she's comfortable... CONSTANTLY! I also buy her little things (sometimes big things), I massage her neck or back while we are watching anime. I ask how she's feeling if she hasn't messaged me in a while.

    I don't have much, but what I do have I give. If I'm with a girl, I support her in whatever she decides to do. I cater to them as much as I can.

    I know I'm not typical though. Hope that helps :)

  • If he pauses his videogames for you, he surely loves you.

    But honestly, we do more than that when we love someone. We'd do small things that could impress you, to remember you that we love you. If you're both gamers, that's a bit harder; I'd usually come out of my comfy zone of gaming for a girl I love, but if she's a gamer girl herself, I can only picture myself gaming with her.

    • I play 1 game with him, but that's it. The lack of any self-initiated affection makes me wonder if he has any romantic interest in me.

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    • Told me he's asexual.

    • Oh no, I feel bad for you "asker".

  • With hugs and kisses 🙂

  • By giving them dirty waffles mostly.

  • by always being there.


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  • Just by the tone of your voice (writting voice, if that's a thing) I can tell you aren't exactly enjoying this relationship. A boyfriend should be someone you would want to spend time with and he would want to spend time with you. Why waste your time on a guy whose only thoughts are of ass-grabbing and videogames? Find a person who appreciates your very exsistence, because you deserve it.