Does this girls like me?

There's this girl I know who I am really in love with. Her names Danielle. I met her two years ago in school. We were great friends we texted all the time and she responded quickly but there's my friend who hung with her too I thought they liked each other but besides the fact I still liked her. She then moved to a school that's half a mile away and we lost contact. I then ask my friend I thought she was into he told me he didn't like her because he and others saw she acted different around me and he has been friend zoned by her many times but I have been seeing her again and text her and I want to ask her out so what should I say? And when I saw her again at a party I was nervous to talk to her. So my friends literally pushed me to her and she got the message and hugged me right around the waist. For a bit. Do I have chance asking her out and if so how should I ask?


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