Did I screw up?

I asked out this girl last Thursday night we've been texting back and forth since Friday the past few nights she only texts me a little I figure it's because she gets busy. Because she has a friend down. So last night we were texting and then it just stopped because she fell asleep and I had a text from her this morning I replied and she never text back so a couple of hours ago I sent her a text asking how her day was she replied a few hours later then we text for a minute or two she didn't really ask questions nor did I. Then I asked what she was up to she told me and asked me the same I replied them asked her if she would like to go out on our date sooner or wait until the original date which is in 3 weeks from now. I saw that she posted on Facebook so I don't know from she's seen the text and just doesn't want to go out with me now or what. I've had girls not text me back and leave me hanging before so I'm not very confident and get really paranoid. What do y'all think?


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  • No you didn't

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