How to help a depressed girlfriend?

Hi all,

My girlfriend has a history of depressive episodes and during these times tends to push away her friends and people that are close to her. These usually last about 4 weeks however this last one is a long one and think hitting hard over christmas/NYE/my birthday. She has shut me out since mid November as she just told me she doesn't feel like talking and that I haven't upset her in anyway. However I have not heard anything since the cut off. I am not even sure that we are still dating at this point but I am assuming we are until told otherwise.

Anyways I have been trying to do little things to let her know I am there for her. Sending cute fb messages, and texts letting her know that I will never just disappear but am always there for her. Small gifts of things she likes to make her smile - books, chocolates etc. Now she has seen the messages and I assume got the gifts but not replied to them so I'm left unsure.

My question is should I keep sending her little reminders that I am there for her to help her through this time? Or should I just stop contact but let her know I am there to listen? I'm not sure whether constantly letting her know I am there is helping or hindering?

I want her to be happy, even if she has to be alone to achieve that. I guess I want to know how I should proceed, should I wait to hear/see her in person when she is ready to talk? - as I have let her know this in the last message. Has anyone else been in this position?

I just want whats best and for her and to help her through this depressive period by whatever means I can. I just want to see her happy and healthy. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. Sorry this got quite long!!

M :)


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