You have been dating a guy for a while and decide to break up?

So you have been dating a guy for a while, say 3 months but he hasn't opened up as much as you like and you feel like he is hiding something. He picks you up in an average honda car each time. You ask him whats up and he says nothing. You eventually decide to end it, he agrees but wanted more time you weren't willing to give.

A few weeks later you feel free, you have just met a cool guy and you are on a hang out and pop into a gas station to get gas. You then see a ferrari pull up on one of the other pumps and that guy you were dating gets out and starts filling up, he walks into pay his gas and walks back to his car. He does not see you. What would you do?

  • Go up to him and say hi where did you get that ferrari?
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  • Go up and say hi without mentioning the car
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  • Let him drive off and not contact him again
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  • Let him drive off and contact him at a later date
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  • other
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  • If it wasn't working before, I don't see why a fancy car would make a difference. Cars don't give you a better personality.


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