Someone tells you their mother died and then?

So you got back from the weekend and you ask one of the managers how their weekend was. They say their mother was killed in a car crash, but before you say anything one of your co workers walks past and says check this out, and lets a big fart rip, then keeps walking. You feel the urge to burst out laughing but what would you do? the manager who is standing in front of you looks like he is sad and the fart did not affect him.

  • Probably start laughing but say sorry to the manager
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  • Walk away casually saying sorry while trying to hold your laughter in
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  • Walk away without saying anything as to not laugh in front of him
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  • other
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  • Voted D. I would spend some time talking to the manager, conveying my condolences and trying to cheer him up a bit. The 'fart' episode, I would totally ignore in this context.

    • But you are on the verge of laughing even considering the circumstances, what would you do?

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    • I would not laugh. Try to hold it in.

    • and then walk around the corner and start laughing?

      How would you keep a straight face while talking to him, and you can also see other people behind you laughing

  • Ah shoot, should have "D" I voted B, dont count that.

    At any rate... Letting out gas is every bit as funny to me as watching the trees grow.

    • But still, damn man, are you 9 years old or something? Last time I heard people laughing at people "passing gas" was in elementary school.

    • So if someone farted and everyone around you was laughing you would stand there stone faced?

    • I would be standing there wondering why they were laughing. It's just not funny to me. People falling is not funny, breaking their neck is not funny. Burping is not funny, a friend... male or female being drunk is not funny.