Should I go on a date with this guy?

I just broke up with my ex boyfriend and is trying to get over him. I read from other websites that going on dates will help and this guy (we know eachother, just not close) asked me out for a date just yesterday.

However, my other guy friends told me not to. According to them, he's obsessed over sex and they don't know what this guy may do to me. This guy just broke up with his ex girlfriend too but he got over her really quickly and it kinda shocked me. But he's really nice to me and i was thinking maybe we should just go on a date as friends? He already bought tickets and I'll feel bad if i turn him down.

Should i go on a date with this guy? If not, how to reject it without feeling bad? Thanks!


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  • You should. However, just beware of how he puts his words during a date. If it was overly sexual without social calibration, ie commenting how naughty you're, how sexy your legs are. Just cut him off.

    The best person you want to encounter is nice (caring & understanding) bad (teasing, a bit challenging, leading) boy


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  • If I were in your shoes I would just do you for awhile. :-) perfect time to learn how to make oneself happy!

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