Why is doesn't it happen when we are single?

I dont understand why is it that when we get into a relationship, we somehow start getting so much attention and options and so many people that we would want to date if not then people that we wanted to date all of a sudden want to hang out wit us and see us.

Andd when we are single no one from the opposite sex wants to hang out or do anything.

Why does this happen?


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  • 'Cause when you're single you're so focused on finding someone that you don't bother to pay attention to people who are expressing interest. You're focused on having a pity party for yourself and being single.

    Whereas when you're in a relationship, you're no longer putting that energy into the pity party and now are more aware of the attention of others.

    If the pity party didn't happen when you were single then I bet people'd be more aware of the interest of others lol

    *Note: You is used conversationally. In no way am I specifically addressing you individually haha


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