What are your standards?

What kind of standards do you have for the opposite sex, and what do you have to offer to the opposite sex (don't just say 'yourself', we all offer that)?


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  • What I expect:
    High intelligence, top 5%
    Better than average looks
    Easygoing personality
    Hard worker
    Average to high average sex drive
    No extreme quirks

    What I offer
    Very high intelligence, top 1% +
    Better than average looks
    Easygoing personality
    Very capable
    Very good in bed
    No extreme quirks


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  • I can offer to the fairer sex the following:

    Profound communication
    Deep and intense connection
    Excessive care and concern
    Unwavering loyalty
    Undivided attention
    A gentle touch

    These gifts can and will only be given to a girl who is obsessed with me. But if its anything less than obsessed, she just ain't good enough.

    • Is that the only standard you have for women though?

    • Yes.

      Also she can't be chubby. I tried to force myself to desire passionately a plus sized lady but failed in that regard.

      As for facial appearance, it doesn't matter. Ugly I'll take her too as long as she ia obsess with me.

  • I am a nice guy who treats people how they should be treated. I'd give them a fun time and there's something to talk about about whether I'm texting them, on the phone or in person hanging out with them

    • And what are your standards for women?

    • Looks are one thing but in all honesty it's about the connection you have with them. I've always been into very feminine women. I don't like chicks who are easy and get around or anything like that. I like women with class and have respect and common sense for themselves