Ever had this issue with faith?

So I am Christian, by Choice not anything I was told to be. And I know for sure that I want my future husband to be faithful too in order for us to have a great marriage and stuff. Regarding that my first relationship is always gonna be with God and his should be too.. Well I'm gonna wait til marriage with sex as well.
Then here is the issue. I fell in love with a guy who is kind, sweet, caring and everything but faithful. I know he is great and I don't wanna loose him (nothing happened so far). But I also know that our relationship is never going to work seeing my wish...
Has anyone ever had a similar experience?

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People who vote, can you just give me the background real quick please :) I'd love to hear your stories


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  • What you have asked for is not demanding. A guy can be everything but ONE thing and it will not work out. I am a Christian as well and will only date Christians. I don't want to be with someone who doesn't agree with THE most important thing in my life. God isn't asking you to settle, so be careful.

    What is the guy's reaction and beliefs to Christianity? Invite him to church and see how he likes it. You should let him know where you stand though. Your heart is such a fragile creation. Treat it with care.

    • His parents are catholic, he doesn't believe in God whatsoever... :(
      That's the reason why I can't date him... But I don't wanna loose him in my life, he is incredible as just a friend.

      Thanks so much, I feel the same way. Christianity is the whole of me and I want to be able to share that and have a husband who can support me in faith just like I can support him.

  • I have had this issue before as well. As a Christian I fully believe that God has a spacific & perfect plan for each one of us & it clearly states in his word to not be unequally yoked. Now you could be with the guy & it work out & God would still love you & whatnot. I have found that he takes all the desisions I've made wether good or bad & uses it for his purpose. But aside from that you have to remember that God can & will of you let him, bring you someone who is perfect for you. You will find when you meet that person that everyone else will pale in comparison. So don't fret if you do choose to let go of this man. It will always work out in the end.

    • Thanks heaps, yeah I believe that too and I guess he is not the guy... So I'd rather not have a relationship without a future...
      Thanks heaps! That's just what I needed

  • Are you really letting religion get in the way of a relationship? If you like the guy and he's willing to be open minded of your beliefs then you should go for it. He doesn't have to have the same beliefs as you.

    • but for me its important, i want to be able to share my faith with my partner.. i understand that others dont see it that way

    • If you want him to be open minded then you should also be open minded to change. It's very hard to question religion but religion isn't always right.